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Pavle Kublashvili – Goal of Amendments is to Reflect Constitutional Court Decision in the Legislation.

According to the head of the Legal Committee of Parliament, the main purpose of the Draft Amendments to the Law on Assemblies and Manifestations is to reflect the Constitutional Court decision in the legislation.

As Pavle Kublashvili explained the Constitutional Court considers that there are buildings regarding which the prohibition of assemblies and manifestation in 20-meter radius is legitimate, but there are buildings which should not fall under this restriction. According to Kublashvili, this provision will be reflected in the legislation and the formulation is being specified.

“Constitutional Court states that this kind of limitation is logic and legitimate. The list presented by the Constitutional court was reflected in the draft law. These amendments are no way contradicting the Constitutional Court decision, on the contrary, we are complying it to the Constitution,” – stated Kublashvili.

Besides, according to Kublashvili, the purpose of the amendments is to clarify certain provisions which concern the right of assembly and manifestation. According to the draft law, the people without citizenship will have right to organize the action according to the decision of Constitutional Court, according to Kublashvili. The restriction regarding the foreign citizens remains. The Constitutional Court explained in its decision that the citizens of foreign countries cannot be the organizers of the assemblies and manifestations.

According to Pavle Kublashvili, except for the clarifications regarding the decision of Constitutional Court, there are other changes planned to be made to the law on Assemblies and Manifestations. According to Kublashvili, after working with the Venice Commission they decided to consider the rights of those people who live or conduct business in the place of assembly or manifestation.

The Draft Amendments to the Law on Assemblies and Manifestations has been presented to the Parliament according to which the procedures for holding the manifestations will be restricted along with imposing other restrictions.


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