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Irakli Sesiashvili Predicts Start of “Dedovshina” in Georgian Army

The head of Association Justice and Liberty Irakli Sesiashvili predicts start of “Dedovshina” in Georgian army. As Sesiashvili states the grounds of this prognosis is the Defense Ministry decision according to which the post of cleaner has been abolished in the military units.

The association considers that the military personnel will have to clean toilets, showers and barracks.

“This, at one glance, less significant decision will lead to serious conflicts both among the soldiers and among the leaders. Several years ago, the “dedovshchina” took place in the army exactly because of such work – when the so-called elders oppressed the subordinates and obliged them to fulfill the black work. The beating, insults, derogation and inhuman treatments took place because of this,” – reads Irakli Sesiashvili’s statement.

The soldiers openly expressed their protest against this decision. The leaders and Defense Ministry oppressed them due to this reason.

“As they state, the leaders tell them that “the one who does not rub the toilet, may write report and leave the military service,” – states Sesiashvili.

According to him, if the Defense Ministry tries to economize finances, it is better to economize “on the expenses of their bonuses, business trips and expensive cars.”

“If the Defense Ministry does not change this decision, it is possible that many professional military who served their country with dignity in critical times will have to leave their job. Also, it is possible that this decision causes serious conflicts in the army. We would like to call on the Defense Ministry to reconsider this decision,” – reads the statement.


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