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Giga Bokeria – I do not Agree with the opinion that the Government of Georgia Can Blame Somebody in Espionage Because of His Political Views

‘We are not surprised that Russian special services try to actively work on the territories controlled by the Georgian government, and especially on the occupied territories. It is a bitter reality’, Giorgi Bokeria, Secretary of the Georgian Security Council, told Russian Aganiok newspaper.

Journalist Olga Alyonova asked him if he thought that accusing photo-reporters of espionage was too much and the society has got tired of similar stories and Giga Bokeria answered:

“Detention of the photo reporters on the charge of espionage was very unpleasant for him, as he personally knew them.”

‘The Court will find out whether the people, whom I have known for many years, are now accused. Two of them worked for governmental agency; and one of them was very close to the president – his personal photographer who spent much time with the president. I knew all of them so this fact is very unpleasant for me, “ said Bokeria. 

The journalist asked if Bokeria was afraid that Georgia will be considered to be a country where freedom of expression is restricted and he answered that the detainees were photographers working for the government.

The Secretary of the Security Council said it is impossible that the government of Georgia wants to blame any person in espionage because of his/her political views.
‘It is a new theory discussed in the Georgian media. They say they took photos of the 26 May rally. It is difficult to make a serious comment in this regard. Tens of photo reporters were working on 26 May. They took thousands of photos. I’ll remind you that Georgia is not the only country where Russia is trying to organize spy nets’, Bokeria said.


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