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Rustaveli Theatre Troupe Issues Special Statement

Rustaveli Theatre troupe issues special statement regarding the dismissal of Robert Sturua, art director of Rustaveli Theater.

“Rustaveli Theater troupe has rarely been as unanimous as it is now. Everybody is astonished today. The situation is a lot worse than it seems like, but no matter how hard the conditions are, we must not lose humanity. Our actions must be adequate, brave and committed to our principles. It is not hard to see what is going on in today’s Georgia. August 9, 2011- Robert Sturua is no longer the Art Director of Rustaveli theatre- dismissed. What does that mean?

The plays of Sturua full of light, kindness, philanthropy, spirituality, talent, hope, high taste and love for the country… Do we not need them anymore? Did it get old? Are we denying these principles?

No! This is not going to work! Robert Sturua remains to be the art director of Rustaveli Theatre for us!”

The statement is signed by: G. Sagharadze; K. Kavsadze; J. Ghaghanidze; T. Dolidze; Zh. Lolashvili; Z. Kverenchkhiladze; M. Kakhiani; Z. Lebanidze; D. Uplisashvili; L. Khurtsia; T. Chichinadze; Z. Papuashvili; L. Popkhadze; N. Kantidze; G. Barbakadze; B. Chachibaia; G. Giorgadze; M. Janashia; K. Purtseladze; M. Shvelidze; S. Abramishvili; D. Papuashvili; L. Berikashvili; Z. Papuashvili; E. Molodinashvili; P. Guliashvil; I. Sukhitashvili; Z. Sharia; M.Gamtsemlidze; L. Oganezovi; M. Abramishvili; I.Sanaia; T. Saralidze; N.Makashvili; R.Makashvili; N.Kasradze; N.Arsenishvili; D. Darchia; N. Khuskivadze; G. Gvelesiani; E. Minashvili; D.Kvirtskhalia; L. Alibegashvili; M. Jinoria; L. Akhalaia; N. Katsaridze; R. Chkhaidze; G-a. Meskhishvili.

Robert Sturua was dismissed from the post of art director of Rustaveli state drama theater according to the decree issued by the Minister of Culture and Monument Nika Rurua on August 9th.

Besides, Nika Rurua stated that Robert Sturua was dismissed from the post of director due to his multi-used “ethnic metaphors.”

“Multiethnic and multicultural state cannot tolerate and finance xenophobia - the expressions and ethnic metaphors he used in numerous interviews,” – noted Nika Rurua.


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