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Trade Union Informs that Police Detained Three Workers of Hercules Factory

Police detained three workers of Georgian-Indian metallurgic factory Hercules in Kutaisi. They are Irakli Iobidze, Emilo Gumberidze and Malkhaz Gogiava , InterPressNews was told by Georgian Trade Union, noting that the detainees actively cooperate with the Trade Union. They intended to arrive to Tbilisi to work on the complaint against the crackdown of the protest of metallurgists and meet with NGOs and diplomatic corps; though yesterday at 22:45 they learnt that three of them are detained in Imereti regional police department.

Trade Union informs that policemen told relatives of the detained that trial of Irakli Iobidze, Emilo Gumberidze and Malkhaz Gogiava would be held this morning, though causes of the detention were not explained.

Chair of Georgian Trade Union Irakli Petriashvili says that if three of the metallurgists are not released today, he will go on term-less hunger strike.

“As there is no law in the country and the government in agony responds to the peaceful protest with repressions, I took the decision to declare term-less hunger strike if the detainees are not released today. I ask international commonwealth, civil society, to support these boys, as they may detain the rest of the activists tomorrow’, Irakli Petriashvili said.

About 100 workers of the factory Herklules, Eurasian Steels Ltd went on strike on 13 September requesting improvement of working conditions and restoring 17 dismissed workers to their jobs. 4 metallurgists went on a hunger strike. The protest was dispersed by police and about 40 workers were detained who were later released. Trade union informs that the detainees were forced to write a letter that they would not take part in the protests and would return to their working places.


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