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Property Shall Be Seized from Owners of Non-Functioning Buildings

Owners of the non-functioning and abandoned buildings will have to rehabilitate them. Otherwise, the authority will deprive the properties from them. Corresponding amendments are being introduced to the Law on Control of Technical Threat, and the parliament will discuss the initiative in the limited time.

According to the draft-law, new regulations will be worked out for similar occasions. It will be resoluted that owners of non-functioning, abandoned buildings in certain areas of Tbilisi will be entitled to obtain the construction permission within 6 months. The time-meter will be switched on after the owner registers the property or when the building stops functioning.

The draft-law clarifies that the regulation works only for those buildings which are not used as accommodation, commercial space or other functions.

The permission on the construction will work for the cases when a person purchases a plot with already destroyed buildings or will destroy the building himself.

The 6-month term will not stop if the person sells the property.

According to the draft-law, if a person does not take construction permission within 6 months, the supervision agency will grant reasonable time to fix the error.    

 If the owner fails to renovate the building within the reasonable time, he will have to pay fine for every overdue day. The fine will vary from 0, 1 to 1 GEL for each square meter of the space. The amount of the fine will be estimated about the location of the building.

The fine will be cancelled as soon as the person obtains construction permission but it should happen no later than 6 months after he was noted about it.

If the owner does not obtain permission right and does not pay the fine within 6 months, his property will be realized under compulsion.

The draft-law underlines that in similar situation, resolution about compulsory realization of the property shall be executed according to the corresponding law.

The authors and initiators of the draft-law are MPs Andro Alavidze, Vakhtang Balavadze and Kakhaber Anjaparidze.


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