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Georgian-Ossetian Parties Will Discuss Bzarashvilis’ Case on October 3-4

Georgian-Ossetian parties will discuss the case of Bzarashvilis detained close to Akhalgori district during next meeting in the framework of Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism on October 3-4 in Dvani village. Shota Utiashvili – head of Analytic Department of MIA informed the ICMM about it.

“I cannot say anything about it yet. We will clear up everything during the meeting,” said Utiashvili.

According to the ICMM, representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Bzarashvilis in Tskhinvali detention setting last week and gave parcels to them.

“Yes, representatives of the Red Cross visited them last week and gave parcels and letters from us. They also brought letter to us. According to the letter, they are in normal situation and are healthy. However, they do not know how long they will have to spend in the detention setting. I do not know what else I should do; I have visited all governmental, non-governmental organizations, I went to Patriarchate too; everybody tells me negotiations are going on, and soon my sons will return home. But I do not know when it will happen,” said Maia Bzarashvili.

Georgian Public Defender’s Office stated that they cannot take up the Bzarashvilis’ case. “Tskhinvali is outside Georgian jurisdiction. So, we cannot do anything,” said Nino Eremashvili, head of public relations.

Human rights non-governmental organizations state the Ombudsman can petition to the Human Rights Commissioner of the CoE Thomas Hammarberg and ask to address to Bzarashvilis’ case.

Brothers Shota and Giga Bzarashvilis, 21 and 23, from Dzalisi village in Mtskheta district, and their uncle Elizbar Bzarashvili, 33, were detained by Ossetian law enforcement officers for illegal crossing of administrative border on August 22, 2011 near Akhalgori. The young people were hunting near Tsitelubani village in Gori district. ICMM reports the young people were hunting with MC type automatic gun which is used for hunting under Georgian law.

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