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Ani Mirotadze Showed Houses under Construction of Saakashvili and Other High Government Officials


The head of Bureau of Planning Political Activity of National Forum Ani Mirotadze showed the houses under construction allegedly belonging to the brothers of President Davit and Giorgi Saakashvilis to journalists on September 3rd in Tskhneti in the district of Kaklebi.

According to Mirotadze, in the district of Kaklebi where 3500 trees were cut after the Rose Revolution of 2003, by the order of Ltd Velajio associated with Davit Saakashvili the construction of two one-bedroom apartments started. The construction of house of Grigol Vashadze the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been started next to it.

“The houses of Davit and Giorgi Saakashvilis, Grigol Vashadze, Nino Ananiashvili, Archil Gegenava and other high officials are being built in the territory where there are not even the auto roads not to talk about houses. We all remember Saakashvili’s promise that he would have strictly controlled the honesty of every corrupted official and all who had temptation to arrange their private welfare on the expenses of people and build fashionable villas. I think there are many to punish. Hundreds of villas are being built not only in Tskneti but in Tbilisi surroundings and their owners, according to our information are the high officials of Mikheil Saakashvili,” – Ani Mirotadze stated.

“Till 2003 no house was built and it was just forest-park. If this government has any claim to state that the building of this country started since 2003, this is the moment: they can be “proud” that the “history” of Kaklebi district has started since 2003,” – Mirotadze stated.

Information Agency Pirveli

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