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So-Called Recreants Protested In Front of the Parliament

So-called recreants held protest in front of the parliament building and requested to postpone the deadline for their problem resolution. On October 17, their slogan was: “Bakradze, Kublashvili, Tordia and Machavariani, Do Not Turn Us Into Internally Displaced People in Our Native City”; the protest was organized by Association for Property Owners’ Rights together with the chair of Free Association Union Aleksandre Shalamberidze.

Demonstrators requested to immediately cancel the deadline – January 1, 2012, fixed by the law in order to resolve all problems; otherwise they will have to be expelled out of their houses and become “IDPs in their native city.” Protesters also request the parliament to discuss the draft-law prepared by the Association together with the property owners and to pass it to the plenary session after the notes of the property-owners are considered.

Aleksandre Shalamberidze told the Interpresnews that the problem of property owners and recreants is not new for the parliament. He said during the soviet regime people could not officially sell or purchase properties and the state was in charge of assigning accommodations to citizens. Relatively, people, who could not receive enough accommodation from the authority, they chose easy ways to purchase houses.

“People encountered the problem in all independent states after the collapse of the Soviet Union but the problem was successfully resolved in every country except Georgia,” said Shalamberidze and added that only Georgian government was incapable to resolve the problem of recreants.


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