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Misha Pandarast!


Aleko Tskitishvili

Yesterday, I took a travel voucher granted by the Tbilisi City Mayor and enjoyed five-lari amusement which did not last longer than five minutes; finally it turned into an aggression of an ordinary voter when bus # 15 running to my house pulled up at the bus-station overcrowded as it usually happens in the rush-hour. I could not even step on the bus not to say anything about getting into it. Mini-buses # 193, 73 and 109 also passed me overcrowded, though traveling by them costs 80 tetri.

I was waiting for a bus in Gagarin square for a long time and wondered why Mayor Gigi Ugulava decided to grant 5-lari vouchers to citizens when it cannot change much in our lives – five lari is enough only for six itineraries by recently imported yellow mini-buses, which run in the capital and after the voucher runs out, you curse the person who raised transportation fee in the city.

Does Ugulava contest [businessman Bidzina] Ivanishvili in distributing money?

To tell the truth, I never liked communism in Chorvila village – model of turning people into coach potatoes – which was established by businessman Bidzina Ivanishvili in his native village. People did not do anything and received monthly allowances only because they where neighbors of the billionaire. Living in such a greenhouse conditions mostly make people spoiled, alienated and isolated from the society. Consequently, Chorvila village turned into an isolated area during several years.

On the other hand, Chorvila is a calm, settled, European village. In this view, it is in fact a small model of a Georgian Dream Village, which is often mentioned by a freshman in Georgian politics – Bidzina Ivanishvili. It is the village where young people returned to live, where life is seething and children’s noise is heard.

Any other Georgian village can envy them, but…

Village cannot be reconstructed by the projects like granting five-lari voucher…

Maybe, Mayor Ugulava sincerely believes that five-lari voucher gained hearts of his voters, like President Saakashvili believes that Georgia is the second safest country in the world after Iceland [a while ago he was boasting with foreigners about it].

How can Georgia be a safe country when a young man was shot in the central street of the capital two days ago?! Just imagine that you are walking in Reykjavík and suddenly you see a young man chased by armed bandits who are shooting him; he falls down and the murderers are running away; the pavement is covered with blood, women standing nearby are screaming, patrol police officers arrive an hour later…

Could you imagine it?!

I would not have mentioned the murder of the young man in the Rustaveli Avenue, if similar criminal thrillers were rare occasions in Tbilisi. Neither regions live in peace. Every day we hear about wounding, killing and disappearing of people.

Besides that, we should also consider the pre-history of the accident from the Rustaveli Avenue which is linked with stabbing of a young man in a Tbilisi based restaurant years ago for what nobody was punished by the Georgian judiciary; consequently savage law – revenge worked up and the father of the stabbed young man killed suspected for the murder of his son.

Similar accidents do not occur in a democratic country like Iceland.

Neither political opponents are persecuted in democratic states - their citizenships are not stripped off; their money is not robbed.

Georgian government so ruthlessly fights against a new face in the Georgian politics Bidzina Ivanishvili that we can already foresee protest demonstrations of several thousand people to support their favorite Maecenas.

Saakashvili’s government has so much decayed that they fight against their political opponent with the methods of Eduard Kokoity - de-facto president of South Ossetia. Short time ago, Kokoity also stripped South Ossetian citizenship off his political opponent Tedeev.

It is a deep abyss where we vividly see agony and end of Sakaashvili’s government.

The only thing we can now do is to call on him: Misha Go!

Or [in Kokoity’s language]: Misha Pandarast!

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Name: ეფემია
2011-11-12 17:31
წაეთრიე მიშა!
Name: გორდა
2011-10-29 01:23
ბრავო პედრო!
მაგარია, დონე ხარ.
Name: მანდაური
2011-10-28 08:43
საღოლ მიშა! სულ უფრო და უფრო თავხედდები!
ფანდარასტი მისთვის არ არის სათქმელი- კეთილ მგზავრობას ნიშნავს- მას უნდა უთხრა-წადი შენი...
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