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Valeria Novodvorskaya and Konstantin Baravoy Think Bidzina Ivanishvili Must Join Georgian Politics

Russian political scientists, Valeria Novodvorskaya and Konstantin Baravoy think Bidzina Ivanishvili must join Georgian politics. Otherwise they predict Georgia will take after Vladimer Putin’s policy in Russia.
Russian experts spoke about the issue in their video-recording published in the internet.

Konstantin Baravoy noted that Ivanishvili is not Kremlin candidate. He evaluated Ivanishvili’s decision to join the politics and added: “Georgian people say he is unfairly rich; that oligarchs try to seize the power; and they don’t need new people. We support president Saakashvili. We support and like the results of the revolution. What has lately happened in Georgia was necessary for the country. But this period passed away. If there is no liberalization and competition in the country, the same will happen in Georgia what Putin did in Russia”, Baravoy said.

He also added that entrepreneurs are independent people and their participation in the politics is useful.

“They are really independent people. They do not represent the enemies of Georgia so they should be allowed to participate in the elections and join politics. The assumption that the rich must not join politics was a shock for me. I did not expect that Georgians would oppose the businessman”, Baravoy said.

Valeria Novodvorskaya thinks that “Hatred of the rich is absolutely soviet stereotype”.

“It s clear you were taught with similar ideology during 70 years, but we must start respecting people who create working places and pay taxes. If you cannot do business yourself, at least you should respect businesspeople”, Novodvorskaya states.

Konsantin Baravoy added that Ivanishvili is a person who can create working places and pay taxes.

“He must be the most respected person. It’s a pity that socialist attitudes dominate today; moreover it is a very dangerous. The road which might be chosen by Georgia [we do not wish it to Georgia] is the road that Russia has chosen. Remember it and do not allow it tohappen”, Baravoy said.


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