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“My Son Was Beaten to Death at Zugdidi Prison”


Paata Lagvilava, Sopo Khubulava,www.tspress.ge

The family of late prisoner Murman Kalandia blames the administration of the Zugdidi Prison # 4 in his death. The family alleges the prisoner died of traumas he had received in prison.

The expertise of the dead person was carried out in Kutaisi. The expertise bureau notified to the family that the conclusion will be ready in a month. Relatives do not trust the state experts and requests independent expertise.

The relatives told the tspress.ge that they are under oppression.

Murman Kalandia, 42, died in Kutaisi on October 31. According to the family, the beaten prisoner was being transported to Tbilisi jail hospital from Zugdidi prison. “The bailiffs dropped in Geguti prison to take other prisoners too. My brother died there. When we went to take his body, we were told he felt bad when they opened the door of the car; he fell down and died. It is not true. My brother felt very well and he died of beating,” said the sister of the dead prisoner Medea Kalandia.

The mother visited her prisoner son in Zugdidi custody on October 16. “I went there on October 31 too. He had problems with bowels and reminded the prison doctor to give medicines to him. The doctor told me my son was very fine and had no problems. However, he died next morning.

The mother Juna Kalandia claims her son was beaten. The dead man had bruises and injuries on the body. “He had burnt injury caused by cigarette on the hand; he had red lines on the back, I think he was beaten by clubs. He had bruises on the arm; his forehead and nose were broken; a finger of his right hand was also twisted.”

The mother of the dead prisoner recalled the stories told by several prisoners. “I met prisoners. I asked them how they were treated in the custody. They told me the prison personnel used to enter their cells at night, saying they were under influence of narcotics and wanted to beat them. Maybe, they accidentally killed my son in similar situation; otherwise he was healthy person.”

When relatives arrived in Kutaisi, the investigator told them the person was injured and then died because of falling off the car. “The local investigator told us he had fallen off the car and got injured. But, how he could receive similar injuries on the back and on the face after falling?! Or, how did he burn his hands? My brother was tortured. Then he felt bad when transporting to Tbilisi jail hospital and died on the way,” said Medea Kalandia.

Murman Kalandia’s younger brother serves his term in Ksani custody. He got in touch with his family members and told them his brother was not killed at all; the relatives think he is under oppression.

“He called us on the phone and asked us not to speak about this accident publicly and to avoid contacts with journalists. I am afraid my second son will also be killed,” said the mother.

Murman Kalandia’s family requests fair investigation and punishment of perpetrators.

Tspress.ge got in touch with the administration of the Zugdidi prison # 4 for comments but they refused.

Murman Kalandia was sentenced to three-year imprisonment for robbery. His term was due to finish in April of 2012.

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