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London Arbitrage Court To Discuss Suit of Georgian Side vs Ron Fuchs

Tomorrow, London Arbitrage Court will start discussion of the suit filed by Georgian side vs imprisoned Jewish businessman Ron Fuchs. Fuchs’ lawyer Archil Kbilashvili told the news agency Pirveli that the process will last from October 30 to December 9.

“The Court will discuss only one issue – Georgian party requests abolishment of the judgment of the Arbitrage Court based on which the Georgian state has to pay 100 million USD to Fuchs. Their suit relies on the testimony of the former president of SakNavtobi Revaz Tevzadze. Currently retired Tevzadze alleges that in 1992 Fuchs and he made a corruptive deal on granting exclusive right to the Company Tramex for producing oil and gas in Georgia. As a result of this deal he received 25 000 USD as a bribe and later, in 2004 he received another 10 000 USD for the same deal. The Court will discuss this particular testimony and consider new circumstances in the case,” Kbilashvili told the Pirveli and added that Fuchs will watch the trial through permanent video-communication from prison.

According to the judgment of the Arbitrage Court, first time in the history of Georgian penitentiary system, prisoner businessman was assigned personal comfortable working room in Ksani prison # 15 where he can stay from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm every day. The room is equipped with internet and other communication supplies.

Georgian law enforcement officers detained Jewish Businessmen for bribery last year. According to the investigation, the businessmen offered 7 million USD to the deputy minister of finances of Georgia Avtandil Kharaidze in exchange of persuading Georgian governmental officials not to appeal against the judgment of the Arbitrage Court. On his side, Kharaidze informed the prosecutor’s office about the bribery and the law enforcement agencies planned detention of the Jewish businessmen.

The Tbilisi City Hall sentenced Ron Fuchs to seven-year imprisonment and Zeev Frenkiel to six year and six months. Besides that, the Judge Pukhashvili imposed fine of 500 000 GEL on Fuchs and 100 000 GEL on Frenkiel in favor of the Georgian state budget. The Appeal Court did not change the initial verdict. The case was recently filed to the Supreme Court of Georgia. Simultaneously, the defense side is preparing application for the European Court of Human Rights.

It is noteworthy, that Fuchs and Frenkiel do not plead guilty and a month ago they were intimidated in prison as a result of what Zeev Frienkel had heart attack.

News Agency “Pirveli”

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