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Disabled Person In Psychiatric Hospital


Maka Malakmadze, Adjara

Darejan Rukhadze applied to the Human Rights Center’s Batumi office for help. She was worried about her disabled niece, Lela Jamperogli. Rukhadze said the law enforcement officers placed Jamperogli in strange institution.

The problems started after the incident in municipal canteen on November 1, 2011 where Lela Jamperogli and Valentina Saponova had a quarrel. The only information Darejan Rukhadze has is that her ward was left in a strange institution in Kutaisi.

“A woman talked to Lela in Kutaisi and asked why she had beaten Valentina Saponova. Lela replied that Saponova had first attacked her and called her “dirty”. It was the only conversation between them. Afterwards, an investigator told me to sign documents – it was night, I was tired from traveling from Batumi to Kutaisi and I was worried and could not read the document without glasses. I thought everything had finished and we would return home; so I signed the document,” said Darejan Rukhadze.

Rukhadze returned to Batumi together with law enforcement officers. Her ward Lela Jamperogli was left in Kutaisi. Several days later, Darejan Rukhadze was informed by phone that Jamperogli was well and had normal food.

The Human Rights Center called the phone number which was registered in Rukhadze’s cell-phone and they called a family in Khoni district. As a result, they found out the cell phone number of the doctor at the Psychiatric Hospital though it was out of service. Despite all that, the Center found out that Jamperogli was in National Center of Psychiatric Health in Khoni.

The Human Rights Center’s representative called the Khoni National Center of Psychiatric Health but the director Gocha Bakuradze refused to give her any information.

Darejan Rukhadze cannot explain why Lela Jamperogli was placed in the psychiatric center. “Lela did not have psychiatric problems. She is disabled person and the court found her incapable for this purpose. On November 1st she visited the municipal canteen to have dinner. There she had a quarrel with Valentina Saponova who is beneficiary of the same shelter. Valentina called her “dirty” and beat her. Lela also slapped her back.”

Zaira Vadachkoria, beneficiary of the free shelter: “I met Lela in this shelter. She usually stood in the queue, greeted everybody. I often dined at the same table as her. We never noticed she had psychiatric problems. She was only disabled.”

Lali Abuseridze, neighbor: “I have never had a conflict with her. I have never seen her quarreling with anybody either. She only has mental problems. We could even send her to shop.” 

 According to Darejan Rukhadze, investigator Badri Beridze took up her case. However, she did not receive any notification as a guard. She does not know how long Lela will remain in the Khoni Center.

The Human Rights Center got in touch with Badri Beridze. He said the investigation was finished and he did not want to comment on it.

According to the Batumi City Court’s October 3, 2011 judgment, Lela Jamperogli was found incapable and her aunt – Darejan Rukhadze was appointed to be her guardian. Since October of 2008 Lela Jamperogli receives disability pension.

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