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New Regulations Concerning Difficult to Police School-Children Will Go in Force Soon

Regulations for referral of difficult to police school children will be go in force soon.

The amendments to the Law on General Education passed by the Parliament of Georgia will go in force soon. According to the new regulation, school children will involve various cultural-educational programs or some other measures will be taken against them - like moving them to a new public school or boarding school.

In accordance to the law, similar measures shall be taken against anti-social juvenile over 12 due to his/her real interests and if she/he will not turn 18 within 6 months after the petition was filed to the Council of Experts.

According to the law, anti-social behavior is when it creates serious threats for psycho-social development of a juvenile, or his/her and other people’s safety, welfare and public order and it is systematically observed during 6 months, and if juvenile does not commit a grave crime meanwhile.

In particular cases, a juvenile might be sent to a boarding school if a child under 10 commits a crime punished under Criminal Code of Georgia.


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