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Part of Judiciary Proceedings Might Become Paid

Fees might be fixed for several judiciary proceedings with regard to certain procedural activities on civil cases.

The relevant amendments are drafted for the Civil Procedural Code. According to the draft law, a new chapter will be added to the Code which will fix fees for the court procedures.

Particularly, the judiciary service for the execution of the judgment will be charged with 50 GEL;  an applicant will have to pay 25 GEL for the postponed execution of the judgment; and 50 GEL to change the tool and rules of the judgment execution; 50 GEL will be fixed for retorted execution of the judgment; 50 GEL for rapid execution of judgment; 50 GEL for the solicitation on evidence maintenance; 50 GEL for the change of maintenance form into another one; 50 GEL for the application on the usage of maintenance guarantee; 50 GEL for the application for the clarification of judgment; 50 GEL for the withdrawn application on the abolishment of absent judgment, etc. The abovementioned fees will be doubled for legal entities.

The draft-law states that the applicant party will pay the fees for the court proceedings in advance.

The authors and initiators of the draft-law are MPs Pavle Kublashvili and Kakhaber Anjaparidze.


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