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„Cottage Cheese for Rusudan”


Mariam Lolashvili, www.presage.tv

Victims of the building company Center Point protested in front of the parliament with the slogan “Cottage Cheese for Rusudan” and brought cottage cheese to the vice-speaker of the parliament of Georgia Rusudan Kervalishvili [former owner of the Center Point]. The victims said she can have the cottage cheese.

The clients of the building company decided to hold the satiric assembly after their meeting with Rusudan Kervalishvili on February 7. Vice-speaker of the parliament was attending a meeting about her favorite problem – Gender Equality – in the Sheraton Metekhi Palace when the women, victimized by her company, met her.

Although the vice-speaker did not avoid meeting with them, instead hearing their complaints and apologizing to them, she started to teach them how to behave: “You must not speak like that. How could I have misappropriated your money? How can I assist you - I cannot buy even a cottage cheese?” However, the victimized people claim Georgia does not remember such classic scheme of swindler in history. They said it was swindler scheme of Rcheulishvili-Kervalishvili, which is farther aggravated by selfishness of the building company Dexus with Kananashvili-Kilauridze-Tsaguria at the head of it.

The victimized clients started collecting of signatures and request the prosecutor’s office to start investigation. According to them, it is very easy to start investigation because there are evident signs of crime including appearance of false-substitute companies. 

Presage.tv interviewed the victimized clients.

Ia Gongadze: “They have wasted 300 million USD and Rusudan Kervalishvili is saying she cannot buy cottage cheese. One journalist recorded her reply.”

Marina Kordzadze, lawyer-victim: “Do you know how much money was spent? 6 200 victims have transferred money to 69 companies of Kervalishvili-Rcheulishvili; the minimal amount of their transfer is 50 000 USD; if we calculate the sum to 6 200 it makes 310 million USD.

So, we request them to give us report about 310 million USD what was done with this fund? Where was our money wasted? The money, which we had paid, included all taxes together with their profit from the construction; but those funds were misappropriated. When we asked her the question, the vice-speaker of the parliament Rusudan Kervalishvili told us she could not even buy cottage cheese and how could return our millions. So, we decided to hold an assembly with cottage cheese and each victimized client brought the cottage cheese for her.”

Temur Pipia, chairperson of the Association of Victimized Clients: “It was our women’s initiative to bring cottage cheese here; but it is not so important. We request Rusudan Kervalishvili to mortgage the properties of her sister, her brother-in-law and her in the construction of our flats. We are sure she is not poor; she is very rich because she collected fortune at our expense. We do not believe that the government seized money from Rcheulishvilis before the election or for the construction of various hotels. We know that Rusudan Kervalishvili was founder of the company and she is responsible for the breached contracts. We know that their profit only from one residential building in Saakadze sq. was 30 million USD. I mean the complex of new residential buildings near the City Hall, which is called Saakadze Complex. 90% of the Community “Tabukashvili 7” transferred the money to their company in advance but now we are victimized.”

The flat-owners are afraid that Kervalishvilis have misappropriated huge funds and they request to start investigation to estimate the truth. Today, they will submit additional evidence to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia. The same evidence will be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice, MIA and Ombudsman’s office.

The victims state the Company Dexus also participates in the swindler scheme and they do not show off at all. One of the founders of the Company is Ivane Tsaguria, who was director of 50 out of total 69 firms within the Center Point Company. He is in charge of all operations in the Dexus. In fact, the Dexus established three more companies; this pyramid is multiplied like octopus.

The clients believe the Dexus continued activities in accordance to the same illegal scheme. Tsaguria is signing contract with Tsaguria, himself and it is registered in the Civil Registration Agency. Additionally, the Dexus is speaking in the name of Center Point during all negotiations and requests extra 100 USD for each sq. meter. But the clients paid the full price of the flat five years ago.  So, nobody intends to pay extra money for their flats.

“We are not people, who will avoid payment of taxes. But, we are not obliged to pay this tax. We have received an official letter from the Revenue Department which clarified that communities established before 2009 must not pay the VAT. There is no other country worldwide, where people cannot receive the flat which they have purchased five years before.

Photo: www.news.ge 

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