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Art High Schools Do Not Have Information about Planned Reorganization

Art High Schools did not have information about the planned reorganization, which should finish before March 20.

The head of chancellery of the Tbilisi State Academy of Art Lana Managadze told the Interpresnews that reform must be implemented in the Academy but not at the expense of personnel reduction and number of high schools in the country. The students also agree with her position, though nobody has clarified to them what reform intends in particular.

The representatives of the Theater University do not comment on the reorganization issue either; they said the students and lectures will hear clarifications about the scheduled reform during the large session.

Professor Manana Berikashvili told the Interpresnews that clarifications must be made soon in order to put an end to assumptions and rumors.

The Art Academy, Conservatoire and Theater University received official letters about reorganization from the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry has not clarified anything yet though promises it will be made later.

Part of culture institutions have their status changed. The relevant resolutions were published on the website of the Sakanonmdeblo Matsne.

According to relevant resolutions of the government, the State Conservatoire, State University of Theatre and Cinema and Tbilisi State Academy of Art had their status changed from public law legal entity into non-profit legal entity.


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