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Mass Interrogation in the Name of Chamber of Control


Shorena Glonti, Giorgi Girkelidze, Guria-News

According to the verified information, on March 13, MIA investigator Kakha Sajaia was interrogating 6 people in the Lanchkuti municipal board during several hours as representative of the Chamber of Control.

On March 11, several citizens received equal summons from the Chamber of Control stating: “Georgian state audit agency, which is in charge of monitoring political parties’ funding, is carrying out administrative investigation on hypocritical funding of political entities and you are summoned to give receipts concerning the issue.”

It is interesting that the letter is placed in unaddressed envelope and summon is not printed on the blank of the Chamber of Control. It does not have registration number and date. Deputy Head of the state audit agency, which is in charge of monitoring political parties’ funding Giorgi Amiranashvili has signed the document.

Lili Ebralidze, member of Lanchkhuti district office of the Republic Party, received summon in the morning of March 12.

Lili Ebralidze: “As soon as I received summon, I went to the indicated address - office of Lanchkhuti municipal board. I had to wait there for one hour; they were interrogating another person. Afterwards, the security officer was called to lead me up to the second floor.

-Were security measures reinforced in the building?

-Yes, they were. I was ordered to leave bag and cell phone downstairs. On the third floor the security officer opened the door. There were about 6-7 people isnide. A woman met me at the entrance and she checked me with special equipment. She asked me to take things out of the pocket; I had only my mandate and ID card in the pocket. After these procedures I entered the room. A young man read me the statute and introduced himself as Kakha Sajaia, representative of the Chamber of Control.

-Did only Sajaia question you?

-Yes, he did. Somebody was calling in every five minutes and asked how the interrogation was going on. He told them he could not make me confess. He told me they knew everything and it would be better for me to tell the truth. He said they knew I had collected signatures for the restoration of Ivanishvili’s citizenship and Roman Bitsadze had already transferred money to me for the collected signatures. He told me, if I hid the information about money transfer, which Roman Bitsadze had already distributed, I would be imprisoned for two years, - Sajaia told me.

-What did you answer?

-I told them I had not received any money and nothing was transferred to my account. Except one case, granddaughter of my neighbor had transferred 100 GEL to her granny on my bank account. They recorded the name of that girl.

-Ms. Lili, what were they asking you during 5 hours?

-Mostly, he was asking me about Ivanishvili’s citizenship and funding… he was asking how much I was paid for having collected signatures and distributed newspapers of the Georgian Dream. I told him nobody had paid money to me for it and I was not working for the Party for money; I was member of the party, and believed that they can change our life for better; and that I would continue my activities without salary. Then he told me, he had already arrested two persons and I could share their fate too. I told him if he arrests me, I will have a status of political prisoner and what would they do next? Would they arrest entire Georgia? He asked me back: are you already entire Georgia? And I replied: Yes, we are except National Movement members and you.

-Did he question you only about this issue during several hours?

-Yes, he was asking only about these issues: How much I had received? How much money was transferred? How many members were in the political party? How many signatures were collected? Who else was distributing newspaper? Who informs us that the newspapers were delivered? I replied that the chairperson of the political party informs me about it. He asked who brings newspapers and how many issues are distributed in the region. I told him people are waiting for the newspapers and grabbing it from my hands as soon as they arrive. He asked me if I hope we would win [elections] and I asked him back – Do you hope you will win?

Afterwards, I asked him whether they were interrogating supporters of only Ivanishvili or of other parties too. He said they were interrogating others too. So I inquired: “What shall we do when we have information about violations committed by the supporters of the National Movement?” and he said I could apply to them to the same address.

-Were you under psychological oppression or were you threatened?

-I spent five hours under psychological oppression. Time by time he was leaving room and I was staying with the security officer. Then he was entering and continued questioning.

-Was he recording the interrogation?

-Maybe he was recording, I do not know; but he requested me to write everything what I answered.

-So, you were talking about political issues during 6 hours?

-I doubt he had prepared questions based on the information of the local authority. He told me Roman Bitsadze had received money and he might be imprisoned for it. I told him that my sister and I collected signatures and we received 257 GEL for it. He repeatedly asked me – was it reimbursement for newspaper distribution? and suggested me to write that I receive 100 GEL…. but I could not write wrong information.

-How many people were questioned today?

-They said they were waiting for 19 people but only 6 people went there.

-According to our information, one of the summoned people was not member of any political parties?

-Yes, he simply signed the petition for the restoration of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s citizenship. I heard it from them. A young man was entering the room frequently and suggesting Sajaia to call police officers who could professionally interrogate me. I asked him would a police officer beat me and make me speak up. He replied: police officers do not beat people in democratic countries. Now we have different methods and you will see how you will start speaking. I inquired whether he was speaking about Misha’s democratic state?! Then I suggested them to audit the money which the personnel of district administration, municipal boards and ministries waste from the state budget and to stop checking Bidzina Ivanishvili’s financial expenditures. Since I told him my sister and I had received a salary of 275 GEL, Sajaia decided that I had cooperated with them and promised me a uniformed police officer would interrogate me next time and I will be more sincere with him.

-Ms. Lili, you said one of the women, who was questioned today, has no connection with political parties.

-Yes, she is relative of Bidzina Ivanishvili. She was interrogated during 3 hours. Having left the room she told my sister that she was compelled to say that he had received 1 500 GEL from Alasania’s political party.

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