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NGO Coalition to Set Up Mobile Groups of Lawyers

NGO Coalition for Civic Development intends to set up mobile groups of lawyers to provide the people summoned by the Chamber of Control with legal consultations and aid.

Representatives of the Coalition member NGOs announced the initiative at the press-conference today.

Head of the Electoral and Policy-technologies Research Center Kakhi Kakhishvili said he cannot understand what the Chamber of Control argues with ordinary citizens about.

“Several people stated they were intimidated during the interrogation and could not enjoy their right to defense. So, we decided to set up mobile groups of lawyers who will provide any person with legal consultations and aid in case of necessity,” Kakhi Kakhishvili said.

He added that each group will unify 3-5 lawyers and they will be able to arrive in the regions of Georgia where activists of various political parties were interrogated.

In addition to that, Kakhishvili said the NGO Coalition intends to check the statements of the summoned people who alleged that they were under psychological oppression during interrogation. Besides that they were strictly searched and if all those allegations are proved, the Coalition will lodge a suit to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.

“There is serious assumption and doubt that people were abused during interrogation; that they were strictly searched before questioning and some of them said they were compelled to take off coats, shoes, etc. We intend to check the information. If everything is proved, we will prepare a suit for the Prosecutor’s Office and request criminal liability of concrete persons,” Kakhi Kakhishvili said.

The authors of the initiative are the Coalition member NGOs: Public Advocacy, Electoral and Policy-technologies Research Center, Article 42 of the Constitution, Healthy World and Civic Society and Democratic Development Center.


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