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Asmat Atuashvili: “Your Child Will Lose Mother Unless You Stop It”


Information Center of Kakheti

Representatives of the Chamber of Control interrogated Asmat Atuashvili from the National Forum in the office of Sagarejo district administration on March 12. Her interrogation lasted 45 minutes.

“Before interrogation the police searched me. They started searching me from corridor; they seized my bag and cell phone; I even took my coat off. They even searched me inside the cloths. The girl searched me everywhere; she even checked the metals in my bra. The apparatus made signal when I went through and asked what I had there. I told her it was metal of the bra, nothing more,” Asmat Atuashvili recalled.

“I entered the room with my arms up and told them: I am completely clean, honest person and asked them not to plant anything on me and not to leave my disabled child alone. They searched everything. I did not know what to do. I asked for the lawyer; I told them I would not say anything without lawyer but they did not allow him into the room.”

-What did they ask?

-Initially they asked which party member I was. I said I was member of the National Forum. They inquired why I had quitted the National Movement and I clarified. They asked whether Gela Kevlishvili (head of Sagarejo office of the Georgian Dream) had found me or I had applied to him to join the party but indeed, it was my desire to apply to him. Then they asked how much money they had offered me besides the reimbursement for the implemented job. How the receipts were delivered to me? Was it filled in or not? How much I was paid? I replied to them that they paid me 65 GEL and he asked why they paid the money to me. Then I asked him back why he was not asking me why the National Movement offered 1 000 GEL during the presidential elections but I rejected their offer?? He asked about the color of the salary receipt which I signed; I said it was white and the amount of the salary was written on it. He asked if I had signed the document – more sum could have been written on it. I said I had not paid attention to it because I trusted them.

-Were you oppressed during interrogation?

-Yes they threatened me. They said my child will lose mother unless I stop my activities. I have two children. The elder lives with Bishop Spiridon. The younger has health problems. I showed him his photos and showed newspaper and told him: Look how I live. He asked me if I had applied to the district MP or district governor regarding my problems. I said I had applied to everybody but they made fun of me. I do not know who gave them similar authorities. They must not have even searched me but they did not let me into the room without search.

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Name: marimarilui
2012-04-16 10:28
კონსლაგირი უნდა გერქვას ცჰენ!! საქარტველო კიარა!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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