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Students Beaten for Writing in Student Blog


Tazo Kupreishvili, Nino Kakhishvili, Netgazeti

Friends of Tornike Ustarashvili, student and blogger of Tbilisi State University state that they were beaten for publishing accusatory information on “student blog.”

Founder of  student blog Tornike Ustarishvili stated with Netgazeti that his two friends Zviad Mamporia and Giorgi Kopaleishvili were beaten by the members of student self-government on March 14th.

“I was walking on Chavchavadze Avenue near the second building of university with two of my friends. Suddenly about eight people surrounded us and asked us to follow them. They forcefully took two of my friends to the third building. I managed to call patrol police. Before the police arrived, it turned out that they beat two of my friends. One of them suffered with head injury. It seems like he suffered concussion of brain. I managed to recognize two of them. One of them was Beka Akhlouri – vice-president of student self-government. Another one was Dato Khechikashvili, also from self-government. They threatened us – “if you continue to write on the blog” and so on. Right now there are patrol police and ambulance cars near the university and they are composing protocols,” – Ustarashvili stated.

Zviad Mamporia, Ustarashvili’s beaten friend stated to Netgazeti that he and Giorgi Kopaleishvili were beaten and verbally abused by the members of self-government on the first floor of the third building of state university. He stated that university security came only after the arrival of patrol police.

On the question to why the security did not notice the fact of beating of students in the university, the security stated to Netgazeti, that “security service was doing its best” and the law-enforcement will find out what happened in reality.

Law-enforcement already interrogated Tornike Ustarashvili and his friends. Zviad Mamporia was already examined by the ambulance brigade.

Law enforcement has not yet interrogated the representatives of the self-government who are accused of beating the students.

““Student blog” numerous times published the so-called screen shots picturing the chats of members of self-government according to which they were deciding how to receive privileged work in the student employment program and how to conduct anti-opposition student internet campaign.

Rector of state university Aleksandre Kvitashvili already responded to the incident in the social network: “Head of security already called patrol police. We will transfer all video material to patrol and will thoroughly help investigation. Hopefully, the sufferers unlike the previous incident will give testimony to the patrol police.” Rector made comment for Netgazeti as well.

“In the yard of the third building of university very unpleasant incident took place as a result of which two students were injured. One of them is very beaten. The ambulance was called. Security service also called patrol police. Except for the police, the investigator came to the university as well. They are obtaining testimonies. We, as a university will maximally try to help investigation. Such fact must not occur in the university. It must be maximally avoided. I personally ask the law-enforcement to thoroughly investigate this fact,” – Kvitasvhili states.


Source: Articles of Netgazeti:

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