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Uprising in Iormughanlo


Natia Danelishvili, Kakheti Information Center

Ethnical Azaris living in the village Iormughanlo of Sagarejo region confronted Georgian government. According to the village residents, government sold the land they possessed and cultivated for years and which was their main source of income. New owners destroyed newly harvested barley and wheat.

The residents of Iormughanlo requested help from the leaders of Georgian Dream who visited the village to congratulate holiday of Novruzoba. Tina Khidasheli, Zviad Dzidziguri, Giorgi Tsagareishvili and Kakha Shartava promised to help them.

Askan Veliev, resident of Iormughanlo: “We did not have this land registered. It belonged to our village and we had been cultivating it for years. People took credits and planted seeds. We did not know if our land got sold. The barley harvest was due already and they destroyed it. What can those people do now? How can they cover the credit? Now we have land only in the yard of our family. We cannot send sheep to pastures. They won’t allow them there. They sold pastures as well. All the land with harvest is sold. They tell us that it is not our place here. Iranians or Americans are buying the lands. If they do not let cattle pasture the land what good it is to live in Iormughanlo. We will leave for Azerbaijan then. Nobody takes care of us. It is all about money. People have built apartments. They want to kick us out.”

Nadig Garibov, resident of Iormughanlo: “There was a farm here, sheep and cows. We were told that if we leave this place we would be compensated with good amount of money. They told us that our time was over. There are 20 farms, in each farm there was cattle of 15-20 people. Government sold more than 5000 hectare land to some foreigner. 10 tractors started working here. You can see them here. They are ploughing over the harvested wheat. Our deputy and Governor of the village are silent. Nobody came today. Nobody is interested in our problem. Police and guars are standing here. They do not let people there. If you do not harvest wheat, barley or corn, what can you do? This is how people live. They sold these lands at auction for several million Euros. What kind of a law is this, selling people’s lands? I do not need such government. I have to address Azerbaijani government.

Man (did not say his name), resident of Tulari: “Nobody cares for us. This is what it means. They are telling us to leave. We also live in Georgia. How could they do this? How could they destroy our harvest? Do not they feel sorry for us? There are some widows in the village who worked this land. How can they take care of their children now? People started crying. I cry too. Are not they sorry for us? Poor man buys seed, plants it and nine or ten tractors go and plough over it. What can we do. Nobody has right to plough the land without the permission of local government… We received the permission and ploughed that way… I will be called in the Council tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and they will ask me why I told you this.

- Has it happened before?

- Many times. I am 60-years-old. I have seen it many times. They come at night… Now that they see me on TV, they will send police and will bring me and ask me questions. The Governor’s representative will ask me who why I spoke with you.”

Iormughanlo population threatens to start mass protest actions.

Kakheti Information Center contacted the Ministry of Economics and sustainable Development on the fact of selling lands in Iormughanlo. The Ministry did not comment on the issue.

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