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Shelter of ICK’s Respondent Raided

In the evening of April 17, at about 9:00 pm, shelter of Gulchina Tsikoridze from Akhmeta district was raided. Gulchina Tsikoridze reported to the ICK that she was at her neighbor’s house in the evening and having returned home she found the door removed, vessel broken, and boiled nettle scattered on the floor.

“I was watching Maestro at my neighbor’s place and returned home at about 9:00 pm. It was dark. I saw the door was removed; vessel was smashed from the table and broken. I had boiled nettle for dinner and it was scattered on the floor too. I do not know who did it. I spent last night in the street,” Gulchina Tsikoridze said.

The woman faced problems after she told ICK how accountant of the Akhmeta district education-resource center Niko Rusishvili had threatened her for reading and dissemination of Georgian Dream’s newspaper.

According to the verified information of the ICK, before Tsikoridze’s house was raided, in the evening of April 16, manager of the Akhmeta district office of the Kakheti Energo-Distribution Company Vazha Marukashvili broke into the house of Tsikordze’s neighbor and blamed him in encouraging the woman to make similar comments. The witnesses said Marukashvili was drunk and was cursing people.

It is noteworthy that electricity supply has been switched off in Gulchina Tsikoridze’s shelter since the incident.

Akhmeta district police has not launch criminal case on the raid of the shelter.

Information Center of Kakheti appeals to the Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office to start investigation on intimidation and damage of Gulchina Tsikoridze’s property.


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