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Statement of the Prisoner Businessman Anzor Kokoladze


Prisoner businessman Anzor Kokoladze spread statement about illegal activities against him and noted that he intends to appeal to the European Court.

Interpersnews published the full text of Kokoladze’s statement: “Seizure of Elite Electronics from me is seemingly approaching the last phase after the TBC Bank, having made a deal with the prosecutor’s office, illegally obtained right to run Elite Electronics and breached the credit payment graphic and illegally registered the 55% of the Company’s shares on its name for 116 000 GEL; a year later the bank assigned the second part of the company shares to the Elite Appliance, the government founded company. Nowadays, my 15% share, with the starting price of 71 000 GEL, will be sold at the auction while I am in prison. Thus, they will finish misappropriation of the Elite Electronics. Although I am a prisoner, I will fight for my rights and property at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

I would like to note that the abovementioned share is being sold based on completely illegal judgment which sent me to prison and imposed fine of 10 000 GEL to state budget and 6 million GEL to the Elite Electronics.

I believe that it is continuation of the dishonest swindle plan of the prosecutor’s office, TBC Bank, Mamuka Khazaradze, Revenue Department, Tbilisi City Mayor and the Court by using various financial instruments and abuse of state authority.

I suggest and warn everybody: do not take part in the auction of illegally seized properties or shares because tomorrow their new properties will definitely become disputable and knowing it, they will never become honest purchasers of the property!

The justice will win.

I, Anzor Kokoladze, am not going to surrender and will continue struggle to defense not only mine but others’ businesses and businessmen.”


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