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Center of Civic Activities Received Information about Plea-Agreements after Lodging Administrative Lawsuit

Mtskheta District Court satisfied the administrative lawsuit of the nongovernmental organization Center of Civic Activities (CCA) where the latter requested public information about number of plea-agreements signed by the Mtskheta district court in 2007-2011.

The CCA applied to the Mtskheta District Court and requested the information on March 12. On March 16, the person responsible to release the public information at the Court Shalva Grdzelishvili notified to the NGO that release of the requested information could paralyze the main activities of the Court.

“In order to collect the information you request we will need to systematize, investigate and process cases that cause significantly much time. Additionally, we would like to notify to you that the Court is implementing its activities in accordance to the active law and the office is busy to implement its responsibilities. Thus, we will be able to search the requested cases and mobilize the main staff of the court administration on your request because the requested information is not systemized at the Mtskheta District Court. Consequently, we are not able to satisfy your request,” the Court wrote in its reply.

The CCA lodged administrative lawsuit against the Court’s refusal. According to their suit, although the primary obligation of the court is to render justice, they are also obliged to release all public information they possess. The CCA lawyer said the judicial institution did not meet direct requirements of the law and incorrectly clarified the law provisions.

Manager of the Mtskheta district court Dimitri Niazashvili discussed the administrative suit on April 20 and satisfied it. On April 23, Mtskheta district court notified the CCA that in 2007-2011 their judges had approved 1 291 plea-agreements.


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