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Maka Asatiani Evaluated Court Judgment as “Political Revenge”

A co-founder of the TV-Company “Maestro” Maka Asatiani evaluated imposing of dividends on her as “political revenge.” Her lawyer Dimitry Gabunia said about it at the press-conference on May 1.

 “On April 27, Tbilisi City Court ordered Maka Asatiani and her family to pay 900 000 GEL to Davit Dzotsenidze, 20%-share holder of the Ltd Aka. We think it is connected with Maka Asatiani’s activities and funding of TV-Company Maestro by her,” Gabunia said and added that they would definitely appeal the court judgment at the Appeal Court; besides that the lawyers will also appeal to the European Court.

Boris Kalandia also requests 20% share in Ltd Aka from the Asatianis.

Several trials were already held on the case but the date of the next hearing has not been fixed yet.

“I personally met Maka Asatiani and want to share her position with you. I think it was political revenge against her due to her activities in Maestro TV. Kitsmarishvili could not switch off the Maestro because Asatiani supported the company personnel and as it usually happens the Georgian judiciary punished Asatiani’s family by imposing dividends of 900 000 GEL on them. As for Davit Dzotsenidze, he is somebody’s marionette to punish Maka,” Gabunia said.

The lawyer added that Georgian judiciary system has become a punishment body for the people with different opinions.

“First of all, the trial was conducted through violation of all legal norms. Pre-trial session was scheduled on April 26 and the main session was held within 11 hours – in unprecedented haste; it has never happened before. We welcome to speed up procedures but it was impossible to prepare for hearing in such a short time. Besides that, the court shall not act as punishment agency, even for people with different opinions,” Gabunia said and added that he will lodge suit to the European Court.

“In accordance to the European Convention, I am going to the European Court to submit preliminary application in order to prevent immediate execution of the judgment because it will cause seizure of sequestered shares of the Asatianis. Currently, 20% share in Ltd Aka belongs to the so-called partners Davit Dzotsenidze and 80% of it belongs to Asatianis that is sequestered,” Gabunia said.

The lawyer clarified that Maka Asatiani cannot arrive in Georgia because she is afraid to. “I personally talked with her and realized that she cannot arrive in Georgia because of fear; she might face some problems here,” Gabunia said.

News Agency “Pirveli”

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