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Chamber of Control Summons Parents of Prisoners

Georgian Chamber of Control finished questioning of citizens. Georgian Dream’s member Archil Kbilashvili made first comments together with his client Guram Berdzenishvili about this fact.

Political coalition Georgian Dream has rented Guram Berdzenishvili’s house in Krtsanisi district, Tbilisi.

Archil Kbilashvili said: “He was asked why and how he had rented his house out and Guram Berdzenishvili clarified that his son – the only bread-winner in the family - was put in prison in 2010. After his imprisonment, the family faced serious financial problems and decided to rent the house out. Berdzenishvili had posted rent-advertisement on the website makler.ge since 2010 and could find the client only lately.”

Guria News asked whether they expected any oppression on Berdzenishvili’s prisoner son, Archil Kbilashvili said: “We hope it will not happen! The decision of the prisoner’s family should not impact him. Moreover, Guram Berdzenishvili said he had decided to rent out the house because of financial problems. The owner did not care who was renting his house.”

Guram Berdzenishvili is serving his 6-year-imprisonment for attempted murder in Rustavi prison.

Guria News

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