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Mortgagers Charged in Swindle Sentenced to 30-Year-Imprisonment

Gurjaani district court sentenced mortgagers charged in swindle Lia Mindorashvili and Natalia Kalabegashvili to 30-year-imprisonment and obliged them to pay 138 thousand GEL to the state budget.

According to the judgment, 22 citizens received serious material damage by swindlers and their total loss amounted to 163 210 USD.

“The investigation showed that Lia Mindorashvili and Natalia Kalabegashvili assisted citizens to mortgage their flats and take loans through swindle deals. Having reached agreement, the convicted misappropriated the sums received from mortgage agreements. In most cases, Lia Mindorashvili and Natalia Kalabegashvili used to show different house as a guarantee for the loan while cheaper houses were mortgaged in banks. Mindorashvili and Kalabegashvili used to convince residents of various villages in Kakheti that they could use the money received from the mortgage and had to pay fixed amount of money to the flat owner per month; afterwards, they could discharge them from mortgage obligation after the mortgage term expired. In fact, they had not paid the money to anybody,” the charge-sheet states.

According to the ICK’s information, more than 22 citizens – about 100 families were damaged by the swindle; however big part of them did not appeal to the prosecutor’s office because the accused had promised them to pay the money. More than ten families have been evicted from their houses; another 40 families will be evicted in near future.


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