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Georgian Dream’s Member Arrested in Dusheti

Dusheti police officers arrested Gocha Gelashvili, member of the Dusheti office of the political coalition Georgian Dream. The court sentenced him to imprisonment. Gocha Gelashvili is Tamar Mdivani’s husband, whose bungalow was destroyed at Bazaleti Lake short time ago.

According to the ICMM’s information, police accused Gelashvili of wounding a man. Tamar Mdivani told ICMM that the incident occurred on April 14.

“At about 6:00 pm my husband and I were at the Bazaleti Lake to collect the broken pieces of the bungalow. Our former partner Gela Zhvania attacked us together with two other men. I did not know those young people. Gela started quarreling and cursing us. He was shouting it was his property and demanded us to leave the area. My husband told investigation was going on on our case and everything will be cleared up. Finally Gela and other two attacked Gocha and they started quarreling. Gocha tried to get rid of them and walked away but one of them chased him and threw stones at him. One of them hit him in the head and Gocha fainted. Everything happened very fast. Finally one of the young men was wounded. I decided to call patrol police but Gela demanded me not to call them. He took the wounded himself. When Gocha recovered, he was bleeding. His rib was broken. The patrol police arrived and I told them everything. The wounded boy also survived. Then we were told they were not going to sue us,” Tamar Mdivani said.

Dusheti district police do not comment on the detention of Gocha Gelashvili.


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