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Tamar Rukhadze Cannot Get Information about the Victim of Car-Accident


Health conditions of Malkhaz Bichikashvili, damaged as a result of car-incident near Laguna Vere in Tbilisi, are still unknown. Head of news room of the TV-Company “Ninth Channel” Tamar Rukhadze crashed Malkhaz Bichikashvili; however, she cannot receive information about his health conditions from the Ingorokva Hospital.

Although journalists and cameras of the Ninth Channel stay near the hospital all day long, doctors do not meet and give comments to them.

Information Center of Kakheti called the public relation manager of the Ingorokva Hospital but he did not reply to their calls at all.

It is noteworthy that Tamar Rukhadze and TV-Company Ninth Channel were not allowed to cover the medical treatment expenses of the victim; the state reimburses the treatment expenses.

If Rukhadze had taken responsibility of covering medical expenses, she should have had access to information without delay.

Rukhadze’s lawyer Shalva Tadumadze said his client is a witness according to case materials and consequently, the lawyer cannot study the case materials.

“Witness does not have right to study case materials. So, we do not know health conditions of the victim. I do not know if the family has visited him either. We had right to take copy of our testimony from the investigation agency but they did not allow. So, I would like to appeal to investigation agencies now and request them to give a copy of Tamar Rukhadze’s testimony as it is envisaged by the law,” Shalva Tadumadze said.

Tamar Rukhadze said the situation has not changed yet and doctors still do not meet Ninth Channel’s journalists.

On May 21, at about 00:30 am a car-accident occurred near Laguna Vere. The car driven by Tamar Rukhadze crashed a pedestrian.

The victim is 35-year-old man who was taken to Ingorokva Hospital. After the accident, Tamar Rukhadze was taken to narcological center to test on alcohol which showed that she was completely sober while the victim was drunk. Despite that the personnel of the Ingorokva Hospital does not confirm the information.

Head of Analytic Department of the MIA Shota Utiashvili stated they have launched criminal case on the accident and not against any concrete person. However, if the victim’s life is in danger, the qualification of the case will be changed.

Lana Beridze, for ICK, Tbilisi

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