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Giorgi Tsagareishvili Is Not Going to Apologize to the Family of His Son’s Abuser



MP Giorgi Tsagareishvili is not going to apologize to the family of the young man, who had beaten his son. “Why should I apologize to them? People broke into my house, five men attacked my son and he hardly survived death and how can they demand me to apologize to them? Let them sue me wherever they want,” Tsagareishvili told Interpresnews.

The MP clarified that he has not changed his opinion and he still believes that his son was harassed on political grounds. “Until the government proves the opposite, I will not change my position,” Tsagareishvili said.

Besides that, Tsagareishvili said that their family lawyer was called from the prosecutor’s office quite often throughout one month and they requested them to file a new appeal where he would have written that incident was not political revenge.

“They offered me to do it several times. I would like to underline that there is a statement of my son Zurab Tsagareishvili in case materials where he wrote that he forgave Ergemlidze the incident and that he has no complaints about him. I wonder, why is it necessary for the investigation to hear from me that my son was not beaten on political grounds? After all these, the statement of Ergemlidze’s family convinced me that the crime had political motives,” Tsagareishvili said.

The MP doubts the government oppresses on the family of the accused person.

“I would like to request the family not to become an instrument of the government,” the MP said.

According to the newspaper Resonansi, mother of Ivane Ergemlidze, suspected in the physical assault of Tsagereishvili’s son, Tinatin Ergemlidze requested Giorgi Tsagareishvili to publicly apologize to them for slander.

According to the mother, the MP evaluated the December 14, 2011 incident as political revenge. Tinatin Ergemlidze said her son lost temper because of Zurab Tsagareishvili’s behavior and quarrel between them started after a controversy in the restaurant.

Tinatin Ergemlidze added that Tsagareishvili was not right when he claimed that his son had brain concussion.

“Tsagareishvili called my son “Zonder” because he had worked for the Counter Intelligence Service… My son worked there in 2007-2009 and the incident had no connection with his past work,” Tinatin Ergemlidze said.

She said their family sees Tsagareishvili is not going to apologize so they have to appeal to the Court and demand him apology to them in this way.

Short time ago Tinatin Ergemlidze applied to the Human Rights Center for help and humanrights.ge published an article about it. Afterwards, newspaper Resonansi also got interested in the issue.

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