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Matani School Director Prohibited Teachers to Install Global TV’s Antennas

Neli Terterashvili, director of the Matani Public School # 1 in Akhmeta district, held special meeting and warned teachers against installing antennas of Global TV; otherwise she threatened them with firing from school.

“Yesterday, when I entered the teachers’ office, the director was telling teachers everybody will go home if they install Bidzina Ivanishvili’s satellite antennas. Initially I could not understand what she was speaking about and asked my colleague to explain the situation. My colleague explained that she was threatening us with dismissal. Everybody got afraid; they said they would refuse to install antennas. It is usual story here and we were not surprised with the director’s demand; people were shocked. Everybody got afraid to speak about Georgian Dream. The director said, if somebody says something and opposes me, she/he will immediately leave the school. Only two teachers dared to raise voice against the director; they said they wanted to install the Global TV’s antennas because they are eager to receive alternative information. They have protectors and can say anything freely. The district governor Koba Maisuradze brought those two people to school without exams,” the teacher said.

She added that deputy director is also intimidating teachers.

“Deputy Director Pati Chilashvili told a teacher, “you have spoken too much and remember you should circle number 5 on the Election Day and show it to everybody because you are a suspected person,” the teacher said.

The school director and her deputy categorically deny the accusations of the teacher.

“No, my dear, it is false information; nobody has spoken about this issue. Tell me who told you that? I want to assure you that we have not discussed this issue at all; I hear about the antenna for the first time from you; I am speaking honestly, believe me,” Neli Terterashvili told the ICK.

“Did I tell it to anybody? It is not true; I have not told anything to any teacher. It is wrong information; complete false and slander,” Pati Chilashvili said.


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