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Criminal Case Instituted on Death of Pregnant Woman

A Criminal case has been instituted on the death of a 27-year-old woman who died due to a negligent C-section.

According to the spread information, the unregulated insurance system was a factor in the woman’s untimely death.

The woman lived in Samtredia and IC group covered her insurance, though as IC Group insurance is not valid in Samtredia, she was hospitalized to Kutaisi. Due to the vague causes, she was taken to Khoni hospital from Kutaisi, where the IC Group insurance works. When they arrived in Khoni, it turned out the hospital did not have an anesthesiologist and they decided to bring the doctor from Martvili. The 27-year-old woman died before the anesthesiologist arrived in Khoni. The doctors managed to save the child.

Khoni majority MP Davit Chavchanidze told InterPressNews about it and said that the examination of the body has already been conducted and after the report, the details will be discussed.

The MP says that medical personnel of the Khoni hospital – nurses and doctor, who operated on her, are now at the police station.

Medical Insurance Purchase Director of the IC Group Tamuna Tskitishvili said that their company promptly notified permission to Eliso Akhvlediani to enjoy medical insurance service.

Tskitishvili said Eliso Akhvlediani had taken medical insurance in Oni district; however she decided to apply to Khoni hospital supposedly because of her parents’ living there.

As soon as she requested planned c-section, the Insurance Company released notification to allow her to take medical service completely free according to scheduled graphic.

As for follow up results, IC-Group representatives said they know that situation got complicated during medical service and pregnant woman died. The infant is in intensive therapy department in Kutaisi Hospital for Mothers and Children.


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