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Maia Miminoshvili Talked to Mamuka Jibladze Fifteen Minutes before His Disappearance

The former head of the National Examination Center (NEC) Maia Miminoshvili told ICK that she had talked to Mamuka Jibladze, a former NEC employee, 15 minutes before his disappearance. They had agreed on meeting but fifteen minutes later she could not get through to Jibladze’s phone.

“I talked to Mamuka on June 11 and we agreed to meet at 2:00 pm on Kavsadze Street. Mamuka lives nearby so it would only take him 10 minutes to get there. He left home at about 1:45 pm but did not reach Kavsadze Street. Afterwards, my colleagues and I started calling him but could not get through. There was mathematics seminar at 3:00 pm that he was going to attend, but he did not go there either; we were scared. We kept on calling him but in vain. Two days have passed since then and he has not turned up yet; we are extremely worried,” Miminoshvili said.

-With what do you connect his sudden disappearance?

-I do not want to connect it with anything. The main point for me is to see this person return home. You can imagine our situation. I do not want to associate Mamuka’s disappearance with anything because he was very busy; he had much work not only at the NEC but at the Math Institute as well, he was also giving lectures at the university. He was only occupied with his job; he is a very important person. Besides that, he is my close friend and he did a great job. The only thing I want now is his return.

-After 60 employees quit their jobs at the NEC, reports said that all of them were intimidated and pressured. Do you connect Jibladze’s disappearance with these reports?

-People were really pressured and intimidated. Our colleagues did not lie when they made those statements; they really were intimidated and pressured. As for Mamuka, if you knew him personally, he never spoke about these things. I have never heard him complaining about being pressured; even if he was pressured, he would never have said anything about it. He does not speak much, he works instead. I hope we will soon see Mamuka back. I do not want to think otherwise,” Miminoshvili said.

After family members’ approached the police, the MIA launched a search for the person. Shota Utiashvili, head of the Information Analysis Department at the MIA, said that they do not have any new information yet.

Lana Beridze, ICK, Tbilisi

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Name: Marta Bunge
2012-06-18 17:58
Former collaborators of Mamuka JibladAze from many different places (Germany, England, USA, Canada, etc) are more and more worried. I think I know Mmauka well and I can confirm the description of him made by Maia Miminoshvili. As Mamuk says \''All I have to offer is some mathematics\''. If his disappearance is politically connected it is surely by mistake. Nevertheless it must be investigated from all points of view. I have written to Amnesty International sending them your posts. It is crucial that Dr. Jibladze be found soon for everyone around him. Sincerely, Marta Bunge. Emeritus Professor of Mathemtaics, mcGill University, Montreal, Canada.
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