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Prosecutor’s Office Accuses Vano Chkhartishvili of Bribing Voters

Chief Prosecutor’s Office spread information that they in the process of investigation into the alleged facts of voter-buying, it was discovered that in the last few days there has been a significant number of highly suspicious money transfers from abroad to the private bank accounts of Georgian citizens, registered at the Fund "Komagi", which is affiliated with the Political Party "Georgian Dream".

According to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia, the existing evidence proves that Vano Chkhartishvili, a Georgian national who is living abroad and is affiliated with the Political Party "Georgian Dream" is participating in the implementation of a new scheme of voter-buying through his offshore companies.

“The money transfers are initiated from the bank accounts of several foreign nationals and offshore companies, so that each initiator makes a transfer to those 5, 10 or more money recipients in Georgia, who are registered with the Fund "Komagi".

“Money was transferred from bank accounts of several foreign citizens and off-shore companies; each of them transfers money to 5, 10 or more Georgian citizens who are registered by the Foundation Komagi. Initiators of money transfer, Natalia Koziupa, Katrina Pavlova, Richard Jay Taylor and others are financially depended on Vano Chkhartishvili and have no connections with Georgia,” the statement reads.

Prosecutor’s Office reports that due to the interests of investigation, people receiving the money will be called in for interrogation on June 28, with a status of witnesses.

“Their interrogation will be conducted in full accordance with the law, with a participation of defense lawyer, as desired.”

“At this point, due to the interests of investigation the Prosecutor's Office deems it appropriate to use the power granted by the Criminal Procedure Code and request the court to seize the bank accounts of those individuals, who received money through the bank transfer. The seizure will be effective until the completion of investigation.

This procedure aims to avoid a possible criminal activity, as well as to protect pre-electoral process from possible criminal interference and to ensure freedom of expression and protect electoral rights of citizens and political parties,” the statement reads.


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