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Lawyer Reports Zakaria Kinkladze Is Kept Hungry at Temporary Detention Setting

Keti Zakariashvili, lawyer of the head of Georgian Dream’s Akhmeta office, imprisoned Zakaria Kinkladze, said her client does not receive food in Kvareli district temporary detention setting.

The lawyer said, parcels sent by family members are not delivered to Zakaria Kinkladze.

“We have sent three parcels to the detention setting since Zakro was imprisoned but only small part of it reached him. Zakro was arrested on Sunday and on Monday he was given a little glass of tea without sugar and a slice of bread; on Tuesday he received two tomatoes and one cucumber, a little slice of bread and cheese. Yesterday and the day before yesterday he did not receive food at all. In fact, he does not eat. Although he cannot eat because of nervousness, he needs food to feel well. The hunger result is already visible,” Keti Zakariashvili told ICK.

She said Zakaria Kinkladze had not received clothes and hygiene items either. “He wants to change t-shirt, to shave up and cut finger-nails. We sent him clothes and hygiene items next day of his detention but nothing reached him,” the lawyer said.

On June 24, Akhetma district officers arrested Zakaria Kinkladze for minor hooliganism. Employee of Akhmeta district administration and member of the United National Movement Paata Sukhishvili had sued him at the police. Judge Labaza Duishvili at the Telavi District Court sentenced Kinkladze to 25-day administrative imprisonment. The judge carried out trial without lawyer, journalists and other interested people.

On June 27, Zakaria Kinkladze’s lawyers sued the court judgment at the Tbilisi Appeal Court; they demand to annul the judgment and to immediately release Kinkladze from prison; however, the Appeal Court has not accepted the appeal yet.

Information Center of Kakheti carried out journalistic investigation on Zakaria Kinkladze’s case. The evidence obtained by the ICK investigative group proves that he is arbitrary prisoner. Although much was reported about human rights violations in Kinkladze’s case, Public Defender’s Office has not taken up Kinkladze’s case yet.

According to the ICK’s information, residents of Doesi village in Kaspi district are also in unbearable conditions in detention setting, who were arrested for their request of irrigation water during the rally several days ago and were imprisoned under administrative law.


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