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Georgian Dream Representatives Insulted Journalists


Natia Danelishvili
Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti

Coalition Georgian Dream’s Representative requested accreditation from ICMM’s journalists to cover preparation activities of the local HQ for the assembly in Dusheti. Coalition representative, who did not introduce himself, insulted journalists in reply to their questions and called them impolite.

People are brought from various towns to attend the Georgian Dream’s assembly in Mtskheta by mini-buses and cars. About 2 000 people have already left Kazbegi and Tianeti. About 20 mini-buses were mobilized near Dusheti office of the Georgian Dream; another 20 vehicles are sent to villages.

-Where are you from? Why are you video-recording the area? – a representative of the Georgian Dream asked.

-We are from Information Center of Mtskheta-Mtianeti

-Do you have accreditation?

-Do we need accreditation to video-record streets?

-You are impolite people; stop shooting, – the representative of the Georgian Dream told ICMM corresponding though did not introduce himself.

A young man in Georgian Dream’s t-shirt also prohibited ICMM correspondent to footage without accreditation; he himself was shooting us with video-camera. He introduced himself as a representative of the Georgian Dream’s archive.

ICMM called Nona Kandiashvili, head of press-center of the Georgian Dream.

-Do we need accreditation to cover the preparation for the assembly in Dusheti?

-What kind of accreditation? Who told you that?

-They not only told us, they demanded us to show accreditation card and insulted us. They threatened us if we continue shooting in front of the Dusheti office.

-I cannot say anything; you do not need any accreditation.

-However, some people, supposedly allies of the Georgian Dream, work here with cameras without any problems.

-Do you want me to arrive in Dusheti and find out situation?

-I do not know will you arrive or not but you should clarify the situation.

Afterwards, Kandiashvili cut off the line.

Georgian Dream has already held assemblies in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Ozurgeti. Journalists worked in unequal conditions everywhere.


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