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Ministry of Corrections and Legal Aid of Georgia and Public Defender deny information about incident in Gldani prison

Ministry of Corrections and Legal Aid of Georgia denies spread information about incident in prison number 8 and alleges the information aims to mislead people.

The Ministry released the following statement. “At night of July 6 false information was spread about Gldani prison. Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia categorically denies information about incident in Gldani prison and states that it was false information to specially mislead people. It is pity that certain people and parties spread false information and don’t consider conditions of the dead prisoner’s family members.

At about 23:35 July 6, information was spread by social networks and several media organizations alleging there was turmoil in Gldani prison and riot police were sent inside. According to that information, two convicted persons were dead.

Georgian Public Defender’s Office also released statement regarding the fact. “At about 23:35 pm on July 6, 2012 social networks and media outlets reported about turmoil in the Gldani prison #8 and entrance of riot police into the penitentiary setting. At 00:30 am on July 7, 2012 representatives of the Public Defender’s Office arrived at the Gldani prison; they checked every building of the prison but could not detect any signs of disorder or incidents.

Public defender of Georgia calls upon all interested parties and physical persons to avoid and not to spread unverified information. It might harm prisoners and their relatives,” the statement reads.

News Agency “Pirveli”

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