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Employee of Dedoplistskaro Local Government Threatened “INFO9”Journalist with Breaking Camera

Giorgi Mekhrishvili, chief specialist of Tavtskaro territorial entity within Dedoplisctskaro municipal board threatened “INFO-9”journalist with breaking camera while the latter was implementing his professional duties.

“I said take camera away, do not shoot me or I will break it right now. Take it away, now; do not hear me?” Mekhrishvili said trying to seize camera from journalist.

The journalist was preparing news story about the problems in the village Tavtskaro and entered the territorial entity office to interview somebody.

Nikoloz Shanshiashvili, Dedoplistskaro district governor told Information Center of Kakheti,  that Mekhrishvili had not wrecked camera and still works as a chief specialist.“There is a big difference between breaking and threatening .Threatening is not acceptable for me either so I will reprimand him. This time, I will just reprimand him because it was first incident with his participation,” Dedoplistskaro district governor said.

Dedoplistskaro district governor, Nikoloz Shanshiashvili himself broke SANYO video-camera of ICK’s journalist on July 3, 2010. The media-organization requested Nikoloz Shanshiashvili to reimburse the damages several times but in vain. The police have not launched investigation on the fact yet.



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