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Media Group Interferes in GNS Studio’s Professional Activities Too

Journalist Vasil Dabrundashvili of GNS Studio was hunted by a group of seven people declaring themselves to be Media Group representatives during three hours in Zestaponi. They did not allow him to work.

Dabrundashvili said he was working on the video-story about recent intimidation of the Ninth Channel and INFO 9 journalists and he was interviewing a respondent near Zestaponi district police office.

“What do you think about Kakhi Kaladze and his political activities? What do you think about Georgian Dream? How much will they pay you for this story?” these questions were asked to Dabrundashvili by strangers.

“They were chasing me everywhere; they interrupted our conversation, trying to provoke me. I think it is interference into professional activities of a journalist,” Dabrundashvili said.

Dabrundashvili said he had applied to the policemen standing thereby for help but they did not respond. He called patrol police. Two crews arrived. The journalist said the patrol police officers were filling in protocol for two hours.

“Finally the patrol police left without asking me to sign the protocol or getting my clarifiations. They said the car of the abusers was declared wanted. However, we detected the car parked 50 meters away from us,” Dabrundashvili recalled.

He added the same group had assaulted another journalist of INFO 9 Eka Dugladze too.

“One of the cameramen told me that our footage will be aired on online television ITV.ge, like it happened in Eka Dugladze’s case,” Dabrundashvili said.

Media.ge could not get in touch with ITV.ge producer Teona Gongladze.

The interference into professional activities of the Channel 9 and INFO 9 journalists by some unidentified individuals declaring themselves to be Real TV, KKinfo.ge (unsearchable online) or Media Group started late in June, 2012.

Seven-member For a week journalist Ekaterine Dugladze of the INFO 9 Zetsaponi bureau was being haunted by a group of seven people equipped with video cameras posing some questions and hindering her professional activities. In Gardabani the KKinfo.ge representatives gave some provocative questions to journalist Nino Basishvili of the INFO 9 agency and did not let her work. In Guria the Real TV journalist was posing provocative questions to journalist Natia Rokva of the Channel 9 Batumi bureau and hindered her professional activities.

Tamar Paradashvili, Media.ge

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