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They Drove Shalva Ramishvili By Force Out of the Telavi Municipal Board’s Building

The employees of Kakheti governor’s administration drove Shalva Ramishvili, the “Maestro” journalist, out of the Telavi municipal board’s building by force on July 23.

“Get out. The people are annoyed here and they have not slept for a week. You are an idler and you get money for it”,  Shakro Terterashvili, the head of the supervising governor’s administration, said to Shalva Ramishvili.

Shalva Ramishvili visited Telavi to record the telecasting “without accreditation”. The telecasting was about the Kakheti natural disaster, the liquidation staff of its results, and government’s working as well. They drove Shalva Ramishvili out of the building when he was talking to Medea Kekelia, the Telavi government head.

Shakro Terterashvili with Giorgi Kokiashvili and Giorgi Gigauri, the specialists of the same department, and Lasha Chiviashvili, the head of the Regional Development, were participants in this incident. Lasha Chiviashvili is brother of Giorgi Chiviashvili, the regional procurator of Kakheti.

Information Centre of Kakheti

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