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Handicapped Wife and Husband Ask for Social Help from Government


Nino Mshvidobadze, Guria

Rezo and Natela Shainidzes live in village Gvimbalauri of Lanchkuti district. Years ago they were well known workers who right know are chained to wheelchairs.

Three years ago Natela Shainidze developed narrowness of blood vessels found in the lower extremities, resulting in paralysis of the fourth degree. She can only move with her wheelchair.

“I was working in a collective farm as tea collector. I was working to save my family. Look what a big house we have built, but what know? Should we eat walls of this house? I could not stand very well; that’s why I am in this condition right know” said Natela Shainidze to Humanrights.ge

After her diagnosis several months ago, Rezo Shainidze developed heart attack from high blood pressure. “Doctors were saying that he would not survive, but I did everything that was possible to save Rezo’s live. I gave saved money for my operation to doctors to rescue him. He cannot talk very well but we can understand everything” said Natela

Natela Shainidzes’ operation costs nearly 4,000 dollars. She does not have a policy and only has her collected money for her husband’s operation. They cannot even get social help. Several times Otar Gigineishvili, an employee of Lanchkuti civil help agency, came to our. This young person was rude to us.  Two times he did not allow us to complete a statement. Our first room was closed and he said that we were hiding things there. But there were only pots, and one of my children had the key so I was unable to open the room. I said that neighbors would testify that there is nothing, but he said no and went away. The second time he said that we had a cow. But we have no ability to milk a cow because we both are in wheelchairs, but he didn’t believe us and went away“ said Natela Shainidze.

By medical conclusions wife and husband needs constant care. They borrowed two wheelchairs, but one of them is broken so they use only one wheelchair.  “If Rezo is lying in bed than I use it, if Rezo wants to stand up my grandchild transfers me to the bed but unfortunately he in not often with us. It would be great if we had a policy. I had a pension for handicapped persons for 70 lari and Rezo for 100 lari. With 170 lari we could buy medicine only for one day“ said Natela Shainidze.

We tried to understand why Otar Gigineishvili did not complete the declaration in Shainidzes family. We contacted him by phone and received this answer: “About this I can’t talk on a phone. In this situation you have to call the chief. The civil help agency is talking about all the facts.”

So, the Shainidzes are still depended on a pension of 170 lari. They even don’t have their own wheelchair.

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