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Black Angles and “Paradise Under-Construction” Near New Parliament Building


Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

Several days ago, angels “fell from the heaven” and sat on the “trees” in front of the newly constructed parliament building in Kutaisi. It became a topic of new joke in the city: This is real government! They even invited angels from the heaven for us. We thought their place was only in the sky and now they were compelled to go down on the earth and live together with us.

Government of Georgia is building a paradise near the constructing parliament building which was hastily presented on May 26. Although builders are decorating the glassy building with glass second time and construction activities are still underway inside the building, it does not hinder the government’s plan to build paradise with artificial lake, much greenery and angel statues.

“Of course, it is real paradise. There is a lake, a field and the territory is illuminated day and night. But I really cannot understand the purpose of black angels in this place. I live nearby and I was watching these statues for a long time on the first day they brought them here. I cannot understand the connection between the parliament and angels, particularly black angels. There are a lot of entertainment and rest-parks in the country and nobody has ever thought of putting angels in any park. Were they waiting for the new parliament building to make angels fly down on the earth? I think it is a bit weird,” Nodar Mamasakhlisi from Kutaisi said.

Building Company “NeroInternational” has won the bid competition for the construction of the new parliament in Kutaisi. They are constructing the building in a hurry day and night. As for iron black angels, their origin and context are not known yet.

“We do not know anything; they brought statues and ordered to install them. How could we resist them?! As far as we know soon they will bring some other statues too,” the workers said.

Eka Kukhalashvili, New Gazeti: “It was expected. Everything was developing in this direction. First of all, the parliament building indicates at this metamorphose – unearthly, airy, transparent, bright, strange thing was sent to the earth particularly in Kutaisi. The haste of the construction is another surprise – it is revolutionary and does not obey physic laws. I think, an apple hit the project author’s head and had a new inspiration. He made a new discovery, something more interesting and stronger than gravitation.”

Representatives of the local authority state everything is done for the people, Kutaisi residents (and not only for them): “it is done to make people happy.”

Apparently, the government started taking active measures to create pre-election mood for the population. So, they decided to build a paradise in geographical-administrative center of Imereti region which unifies 11 districts and 200 000 residents. Moreover, the paradise will be built in the place of former Memorial to the Great Patriotic War just in front of the legislative body.

“The new parliament will travel to and fro by route mini-buses which will cost too expensive for the state budget. Everything will require huge funds which are not supposedly calculated yet and nobody can assume how much it will cost finally. And similar expenses for our country (whose economic situation has worsened recently and it is already reflected on our foreign debts) will be nothing more than extra-expenses,” Nodar Jikia, program director at the GYLA’s Kutaisi office.

However, the government is fulfilling its plan and as we see, they have planned some “surprises” too. As local governmental officials state soon some other statues will also be installed, everything will be green around and walking tracks will also be built in the paradise.

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Name: gocha
2012-08-07 18:11
i like the building and the statues also
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