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Detainee Started Hunger-Strike with the Request to Attend Father’s Funeral


Information Center of Kakheti

Ilia Suliashvili, member of the Coalition Georgian Dream, who is serving administrative imprisonment in Signagi temporary detention setting until August 5, started hunger-strike with the request to attend his father’s funeral.

Lawyer Tedo Kobakhidze told ICK that head of Signagi district temporary detention setting Giorgi Kobiashvili was refusing them to accept their solicitation on allowing Ilia Suliashvili to attend his father’s funeral all day long yesterday.

“Yesterda, Ilia Suliashvili went on strike. He learned about his father’s death from the lawyer yesterday. The personnel and head of the detention setting had not informed him about it before. Yesterday, his sister Irma Suliashvili spent all day in front of the temporary detention setting to hand in the solicitation but Giorgi Kobiashvili did not accept it until representatives of the Georgian Dream arrived there from Tbilisi. We have already filed complaint to the General Inspection of the MIA because Giorgi Kobiashvili is abusing his power,” Tedo Kobakhidze told ICK.

Ilia Suliashvili’s father – Tamaz Suliashvili, 64, died of nervous palsy on July 26. The neighbors said Tamaz Suliashvili was extremely worried about his son’s arbitrary detention, so he had a stroke and died. His funeral is today.

Police arrested Ilia Suliashvili, registrar of the Program Kardakari from the Georgian Dream on July 1. He was accused of minor hooliganism and the court sentenced him to 35-day administrative imprisonment. Ilia Suliashvili had injuries on the body. Giorgi and Lali Pridonashvilis from the Chalaubani village had sued him.

They alleged Suliashvili had physically and verbally assaulted them. Suliashvili claims three strangers had assaulted him and had beaten him because of his cooperation with the Georgian Dream. According to the ICK, Giorgi and Lali Pridonashvilis are relatives of Kakheti regional governor Giorgi Gviniashvili who also comes from Chalaubani village. 

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