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The Policeman Threatened Georgian Dream Member with Arresting

Georgian Dream member Akaki Taliashvili, inhabitant of Anaga village in Sighnaghi district, blames Giorgi Begiashvili, policeman of Tsnori department of Sighnaghi, for threatening.

“District attorney Giorgi Begiashvili came and ordered me to leave Georgian Dream and the people connected with Ivanishvili. He asked me to leave the party, or they would blame me and I would get in trouble. I asked what they were blaming me for and Begiashvili told me that wheat and flour were lost in the mill and if I did not leave the party in time they would create problems for me”, Akaki Taliashvili told the Information Centre of Kakheti.

They threatened to arrest Shalva Mosashvili, inhabitant of Vakiri village, because his wife Nana Mosashvili co-operates with the coalition Georgian Dream. According to Shalva Mosashvili, they threatened him based on the instruction of Nugzar Abulashvili-Sighnaghi district majoritarian candidate of the ruling party.

“My wife Nana Mosashvili began to work with Georgian Dream in the Kardakari (“door-to door”) program several days ago. Three days later, they sent people to me and suggested to take my wife away from the coalition Georgian Dream but I refused. Then they sent a couple more men and threatened to arrest me. Two of them told me that it was Nugzar Abulashvili’s order to stop resisting”, Shalva Mosashvili stated.

The Information Centre of Kakheti could not contact policeman Giorgi Begiashvili. Majoritarian candidate Nugzar Abulashvili stated that he did not know anything about threats made to Shalva Mosashvili. ”I am not interested in it and I am not well informed about it. Go and ask those who told you about this”, Nugzar Abulashvili told the Information Centre of Kakheti.

                                                                                              Information Centre of Kakheti

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