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Wolves Attacked Kursebi Village

Eliso Chapidze, majoritarian candidate of the Georgian Dream in Tkibuli district, met with residents of Kursebi Village. Along with other problems discussed with Chapidze, peasants complained about wolves attacking their village. 
“Wolves are so close to the village, they almost enter our yards. They have already eaten about ten domestic animals in the pastures,” the peasants, who are now afraid the wolves will eat their cows and cannot send them to the pastures, complained.

Kursebi residents said they have already petitioned the local authority several times but in vain.

Irakli Apridonidze, village governor, is aware of wolves eating cows in the village but does not know how many families were affected by wild animals or how many cows were eaten by wolves. “We do not have the resources to tackle this problem. Population has not petitioned to us. People have to take care of their cattle themselves. I cannot distribute guns among the villagers.”

Eliso Chapidze promised to help the peasants: “I have raised this question at the relevant thematic working group of the Georgian Dream, which works on the eradication of similar problems. Eventually, we will offer solutions to the problem for the local population. Of course, we will take into account the rights of wild animals too, but the security of the population is the most important for us.”

Environmental expert Temur Kepuladze said “according to the law, if a wild animal poses a threat to the population or their cattle, it can be killed.”

Mari Tabidze, Imereti  

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