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Samtredia Population Requests Construction of a Bridge

On August 1, majoritarian candidate of the New Rights Levan Buadze gave a briefing in front of the Samtredia district administration. The New Rights members request construction of a bridge near Akhalsopeli village because local peasants have to cross Rioni River by ferry to cultivate their plots. If the river gets flooded, they cannot cross river and have to walk 60-kilometers-long roundabout to get to their plots.

“The government is busy with constructing show-off buildings, fountains and decorative glassy bridges; however they forget to construct a bridge to relieve hard life of people and to promote agriculture development,” Levan Buadze said.

Neither Samtredia municipal board nor district administration has raised this problem at the central governmental institutions. The New Rights requested to allocate finds for the construction of the bridge immediately in order to allow 4 000 families of five villages to cultivate their plots safely and without extra expenses.

Mari Tabidze, Samtredia 

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