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Elva Market press kiosks robbery – newspaper “Resonance”

Newspaper "Resonance" (on 9 August 2012) reported that 8 kiosks of the Elva Market press network had been robbed for in the last month and a half. Among them, two were robbed twice. The most Rrecent robbery occurred on August 6. As Mr. Vakhtang Maisuradze (nNetwork director) said in the an interview with the newspaper “Resonance”, the robbery resulted in losses of about 13-14 thousand GEL. Elva Market is owned by the media holding "Palitra".

According to “Resonance”, after the first robbery the 14-year-old boy, who was arrested, who  pleaded himself guilty and, was later released due to his minority age.

“I do not think that this child has taken part in other robberies. The first case was different. All the rest of the 9 cases seem to be performed by other someone else since– they enter the kiosk by breaking the showcase. They plan their robbery so well that no  trace is left after the incident, Their method back way is planned so well that they leave no trace”- said Maisuradze in the an interview with “Resonance”.

It was explained that the robbers do not select things and take everythingThe robbers leave nothing behind and take everything: books, magazines, newspapers, gum, tobacco, beverages, air conditioner and even a broom. Mr. Vakhtang Maisuradze is unable to explain the reason for the robbery reasons, but doubts that the crime is committed by one person or one group.

A “Resonance” journalist was interviewed by athe Tbilisi Gldani-Nadzaladevi Police Department investigator. According to him, there is nothing new in this case., Tthere are no fingerprints, and the cameras installed alongside inside the kiosks have no night vision function, therefore the investigation fails to go move forward.


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