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State Audit Office of Georgia Says that 90 % of Sources Financing Political Parties is Illegal Donations

According to the report of the State Audit Office, more than 90 % of sources funding political parties are illegal donations. The report about political parties’ accounts was published by the State Audit Office today.

Vakhtang Kezheradze, director of the quality assurance department, stated that most of the illegal donations go to Georgian Dream – 18,393,634 lari, National Movement - 102,572 lari, Renewed Georgia -64,425 lari, Free Georgia -56,969 lari, and Democratic Movement Reunited Georgia – 1600 lari.

“The report contains complete information on all the financial standings of political parties who presented a financial declaration to the State Audit Office from January 1 until July 25 of 2012. The report shows that 90% of the funding of Georgian parties is illegal donations.  Therefore, all of their expenses are covered by these illegal donations.” said Vakhtang Kezheradze. He also added that illegal donations were contributed by 58 people and by 4 legal entities.

The political parties’ total income information, according to the States Audit Office, is stated here: Georgian Dream - 44,578,454 lari, National Movement - 9,683,165 lari, Christian-Democratic Movement – 862,535 lari, Renewed Georgia – 634,577 lari; Free Georgia – 485,927 lari;  Labour Party – 276,712 lari; New Rights Party – 300,805 lari.

The report states that the main source of funding political parties is donations.

The State Audit Office reports that the legal amount of income for each party is: Georgian Dream - 26,184,820 lari, National Movement - 9,580,594 lari, and Christian-Democratic Movement 862,535 lari.


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